Thursday Nov 16, 2023

We talk IoT: The Tech Odyssey: Reshaping Space Missions with AMD and Avnet Silica - Episode 43

As we push the boundaries of what's possible in space, two pivotal challenges stand out: the hardware components that can withstand the extremities of space and the sophisticated processing power required to execute space missions.

With our guests, we will explore the transformation in satellite technology, the vital role of Commercial Off-the-shelf components, and the evolution in processing needs for ambitious space applications.

Joining us from AMD Xilinx is Ken O’Neill, Space Systems Architect. Representing Avnet Silica, we have Paul Leys, Market Segment Manager, Aerospace and Defence. Together, we'll journey to understand the New Space movement’s intricacies, challenges, and future.

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Summary of this week's episode:

(02:13) Introductions

(03:24) Why space is exciting right now

(04:38) AMD’s role in space

(11:13) Shifting from geostationary to LEO satellites

(18:32) How components handle the new requirements

(25:50) Collaboration is key

(28:50) The future ahead


Show notes:

AMD - Kenneth O’Neill

Avnet Silica - Paul Leys

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