Thursday Nov 30, 2023

We talk IoT: Seeing Beyond the Surface: AI in Defect Visual Inspection - Episode 44

Today, we're diving deep into a technological revolution reshaping the quality control and manufacturing world: AI-based Defect Visual Inspection, or DVI. With us today is Giovanni Gualdi, the CEO of Deep Vision Consulting, a visionary pushing the boundaries of how we perceive and rectify defects. And Michaël Uyttersprot from Avnet Silica is someone at the forefront of integrating smart solutions into industrial spaces. We will explore the mechanics, use cases, and business models of AI-powered quality control and manufacturing inspections.

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Summary of this week’s episode:

00:03 Introduction to AI in Quality Inspection

00:55 Meet the Experts: Giovanni Gualdi and Michaël Uyttersprot

01:52 Deep Dive into Deep Vision Consulting

03:29 Exploring the Evolution of Visual Quality Inspection

08:23 Understanding the Challenges and Benefits of AI Integration

12:26 Real-world Applications and Use Cases

16:17 The Future of AI in Quality Inspection

24:01 The Advantages of AI-powered Visual Quality Inspection

26:14 Advice for Implementing AI in Quality Inspection

30:16 Conclusion and Final Thoughts


Show notes:

Giovanni Gualdi:

Michaël Uyttersprot:ël-uyttersprot-aaa971211/


Defect Visual Inspection Solution – cost-effective, reliable, and easy to use:


AI Defect Visual Inspection - NXP i.MX 8M PLUS Solution:


Advancing quality control: The Evolution, Impact and Future of Defect Visual Inspection (DVI) in Manufacturing:


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