Thursday Jan 18, 2024

We talk IoT: Rising Above the Cloud: Turning In-House Giants into Cloud Innovations - Episode 46

In today's episode of 'We Talk IoT‘, we dive into the world of R&D, where traditional methods of analyzing heaps of data quickly become obsolete. Our guest is Alexander Wechsler, a cloud solution architect, and CEO of Wechsler Consulting.

We will talk about the shift from manual, file-based data analysis to the seamless cloud solutions of big data analytics. Envision automated reports, AI-driven insights, and rapid feedback loops that dramatically speed up time-to-market.

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Summary of this week’s episode:

01:44 Introduction: Alexander Wechsler

02:13 The Shift to Cloud Solutions

03:20 Benefits of Moving to a Cloud Platform

06:55 Challenges of Cloud Migration

15:03 The Role of AI and Machine Learning

16:44 Success Stories and Future Prospects

20:07 Common Misconceptions about Cloud Migration

21:22 Advice for Sceptical Companies

Show notes:

Alexander Wechsler:

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