Thursday Feb 15, 2024

We talk IoT: Navigating the Future: IoT’s Transformational Journey - Episode 48

We discuss key breakthroughs in IoT, including 5G integration for fully wireless smart factories, the role of AI in the IoT value chain, and the transformation brought about by eSIMs. Divya Wakankar - Executive VP Enterprise Business & CMO at BICS - also explores current challenges businesses face amidst global digital transformation, such as high customer expectations, regulatory compliance, and the need for innovative business models. The role of AI in reshaping traditional IoT value chains, the potential of eSIM for both businesses and consumers, and the importance of continued learning and curiosity in the face of digital transformation are also covered.

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Summary of this week's episode:

00:03 Introduction to the Future of IoT

00:55 Exploring the Landscape of IoT with Divya Wakankar

02:14 Challenges in the Global Digital Transformation Era

12:50 The Role of AI in the IoT Value Chain

22:18 The Game Changing Technology of eSIMs

Show notes:

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