Thursday Aug 24, 2023

We talk IoT: Meshing it Up - Exploring the Power of Wireless Mesh Networks - Episode 38

Today, we are diving into the realm of wireless mesh networks, the invisible threads that seamlessly connect the devices in our IoT ecosystem. They are resilient, robust, and expand automatically as more devices are added.

They do play a pivotal role in shaping our connected world. We have Chetan Joshi, lead product manager at Panasonic Industry Europe on the show. As Panasonic is one of the leading players in short range wireless connectivity solutions for personal area networking with wireless module product lines, he will share with us some insights on how these networks work, what challenges they have and what the future holds to this piece of the IoT puzzle.

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Summary of this week's episode:

(01:24) Introductions

(03:09) The wireless mesh concept

(06:36) The benefits

(08:04) Use Cases

(18:45) Will Matter matter?

(21:10) The future of wireless mesh technology

(22:26) Security, of course

(24:32) How to get started

Show notes:

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