Thursday Mar 21, 2024

We talk IoT: Demystifying AI in IoT: Real-Time Analytics and Beyond - Episode 50

Together with Mohammed Dogar (VP, Global Business Development and Ecosystem), we'll explore the AI Center of Excellence at Renesas, unravel some common misconceptions about AI in the IoT space, and discuss the opportunities in real-time analytics.

We'll also delve into how technology is evolving in areas like voice, vision, and audio analytics, and how engineers can navigate this AI-centric landscape despite not being data scientists.

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Summary of this week's episode:

00:53 Introduction

02:00 The Evolution of AI and IoT

03:25 AI Center of Excellence and Its Goals

07:17 Misconceptions about AI in Embedded Systems

09:05 Enabling Engineers to Implement AI

12:55 Real World Applications of AI

20:20 AI Segmentation in the Embedded Space

24:20 The Future of AI and IoT

26:30 Advice for Engineers and Developers


Show notes:

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