Thursday Feb 01, 2024

We talk IoT: Bridging Generations: Exploring the Cool Side of Hardware Engineering - Episode 47

We have a special treat for you as we bring together two engineers from Avnet, each representing a different generation in the hardware engineering field.

We'll be discussing the enduring allure of hardware engineering, comparing perspectives on career choices, sustainability, future visions, and mindsets. Join us as we bridge the generational gap and explore why hardware engineering remains a cool and relevant industry.

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Summary of this week's episode:

00:45 The Role of Hardware Engineering in IoT

00:50 Bridging the Generational Gap in Hardware Engineering

01:08 The Journey of a Graduate Engineer

03:17 The Evolution of Hardware Engineering

10:23 The Impact of AI and Machine Learning on Hardware Engineering

10:05 The Importance of Collaboration in Hardware Engineering

12:12 The Role of Hardware Engineering in Sustainability

21:40 The Future of Hardware Engineering

28:15 Sustainability in Hardware Engineering


Show notes:

Edward Brodbelt:

Lucio Fornuto:

More info about the graduate training program:

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